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Kawasaki Seiki Kosakusho

Kawasaki Seiki Kosakusho

consistent precision grinding technology

*Use measuring instrument:UPMC-550(Carl Zeiss Co.,Ltd.),PRISMO(Carl Zeiss Co.,Ltd.), Johansson Mikrokator500

1.Production example Ring

Size:Dia144 x dia94 x 15
Surface treatment:Electroless nickel plating80μ
processing accuracy:Upper and end face flatness,Parallelism0.001mm
Machine used:Rotary Surface grinder(Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd)

2.Production example casting base plane grinding

processing accuracy:
Linear guide Mounting surface Straightness 0.001mm or less
squareness of 2 planes 0.001mm
Right and left parallehsm 0.002mm
machine used
Surface Grinder(Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd)

3.Production example spindle of a grinding machine

Size:Diu90 x dia800
Heat-treatment:Cementation quenching
processing accuracy:
Roundness 0.001mm
Cylindricity 0.001mm
Concentricity 0.001mm
End face squareness 0.001mm
Machine Used:
Cylindrical Grinder(Toyoda Machine Works,Ltd.made)